2005: Rev. Kyran Kennedy

Father Kyran Kennedy has devoted his life to serving the needs of the Hamilton community.

He served as a school board trustee and chairman of the Board for many years. A man of compassion, deep, unwavering faith, and a commitment to community service, Father Kennedy is a leader in education, health and recreation who has worked to improve opportunities for both able-bodied and disabled youth.

As a coach at Cathedral High School Father Kennedy played an instrumental role in the creation of a dynamic and celebrated basketball program. In 1957 he was appointed Diocesan Director of the Catholic Youth Organization, guiding the fledgling agency through its first years as a United Way member. In 1961 C.Y.O. re-opened Camp Brebeuf, a residential youth camp that integrated disabled children into its program and pioneered the inclusion of campers with special needs into Ontario Camping Association member camps. (Source:H.P.L.)